Helping Soldiers and Their Families

Frozen Ready Meals for Soldiers, Families of Soldiers and Displaced Families


Either, Send to Your Friends or Family

Do you know a specific family who need some extra help? Families with soldiers, or families hosting families from the North or South? Order and have full meals delivered to their door to help lighten their load.

Just specify your address as the billing address, and their address as the shipping address.

Delivery Info: Delivering every day in Bet Shemesh, and on specific dates to other cities.


Or, Sponsor Meals For Local Distribution

If you want to help out in general, sponsor some meals, and we will deliver them either to local distribution points, or directly to families we know (in Bet Shemesh).

  • You can order and pay for specific meals on our website
    • Make a note on the order if you can that they are to be donated, or otherwise contact us
  • Alternatively, you can click here to donate a specific amount, and we will choose the meals to send on your behalf based on local needs






Kashrut: We have Rabbanut Bet Shemesh Mehadrin, and Rav Dovid Lewin "Mehadrin-min-Mehadrin" hashgachos.