Easy, Nutritious and Wholesome Meals at Your Fingertips

Good nutrition shouldn't have to be complicated or inconvenient. That's what we’re here for – to take the daily struggles off of your plate and add tasty meals onto it! With our pre-packed meals service, there’s now no need for spending countless hours preparing and cooking in the kitchen.

Great taste or great health? We believe there’s no reason not to get both. 

Satisfy cravings without having second thoughts about what’s on the plate by indulging in nutritious, mehadrin dishes made from top-quality ingredients. Whether “keto-friendly” low-carb, or following another diet plan – or no plan whatsoever – our menu caters to everyone without compromising taste.

Choose meals from our 3 ranges: (1) "Keto-Friendly", for those on the strictest low/no-carb diets; (2) "Health Conscious", for eating very healthily; (3) "Home Cooked", meals made with the everyday ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen, and very "child-friendly"!

Ordering from us couldn't be simpler. Just place your order online, securely pay by card or Bit, and have your meals delivered direct to you. With new dishes added regularly, you won’t have any trouble keeping variety in your daily diet. 

Visit our Kashrut page to see our Ishur Kashrut and learn more about our strict mehadrin standards.

We're confident that once you try us, we'll soon become your Favorites.

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